samedi 30 juillet 2011

Cake stand

I found a lot of nice tutorials on american/english blogs on how to make the best cake stand and I made one myself actually (with the memorial plate I got for the Royal Wedding this year in the UK) but haven't had the time and the light (Mr Sun is still very lazy around here) to take a decent picture.

But I found the other day a very nice one on a french blog so here I am sharing it with you !

You can find it on Lili's skies (I know : another english name for a french blog !) that I really like.

1. Get a plate and a cup/vase of the same color or matching color
2. Use a tube of Super Glue to glue the two together
3. Let it dry
4. You can even decorate it with stickers for china/ceramic

Then put some little cupcakes on dollies with masking tape flag topper, yummy !

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  1. I've just found your blog through the Design Mom blog. I've read every post and I think you have a wonderful concept, I love it! My children are in French immersion school here in Vancouver Canada and I think this blog will help me with craft projects with a French twist. I'm so impressed with how many times you've already posted. Please keep on!

  2. What a great idea! I really have enjoyed reading your blog entries, and I am very happy that Design Mom, Gabrielle Blair has introduced you to all of us who follow her. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration!

    Lori Butler of Hanover, Virginia, USA

  3. Delicious...
    Good blog on Cake stands .
    Tanks for sharing.
    They are really yummy.

  4. The pictures are so cute. Beautiful blog on Cake stands.
    Keep up the good work.