vendredi 22 juillet 2011

My first post !

Welcome to my new blog ! This time, I have decided to do it only in english for people around the world to enjoy what french bloggers do here in France and to show how we craft !

So let's begin with this adorable (one of my favourite really) blog : My Little Blog from Monkeychoo, where you can find easy DIYs for kid's (and grown-ups) parties !

It's summer time and even if the sun is missing here (and all over France pretty much), it's always nice to have a fresh and fruity summer drink, isn'it ? So here is a simple DIY to make strawberries ice cubes very easily, basically :

1. wash and cut strawberries
2. put them in the bottom of each part of your ice cube tray + add water up to the top of it
3. freeze it for few hours
4. drop in your drinks and enjoy !

Hope you like this first post and please feel free to join in and leave a comment !

1 commentaire:

  1. Merci de m avoir mise à l honneur pour ton premier billet de blog, je suis sure que ce blog aura autant de succès que ma petite valissette. bravo you re amazing!