jeudi 4 août 2011

Liberty summer dress

Fort those you are lucky enough to wear summer clothes, here is a tutorial from L'astuce a l'oreille to make your own Liberty fabric dress.


What you will need :


- 1m of Liberty pattern fabric
- 78 cm of elastic tape (width of 2 to 4 cm)
- 1,5 m of silk ribbon
- matching cotton strand and a sew machine !

Step by step :
- cut a piece of 110x78 cm your fabric
-  sew this rectangle together (outside on outside)
- turn it inside out
- do a hem at the top of the dress to put the elastic tape through (give an extra 0,5 cm depending on the width of your elastic tape)
- use a saftey pin to do so (so you dont loose the tape inside the hem ; really annoying :)
- sew the two ends of your elastic strap together and sew the hole where the ends come out
- sew a hem at the bottom of your dress

You can wear the dress like that with a belt around your waist.


But you can also try to make it fit better, wear the dress inside out, with the stitching in your back along your spine, with the help of a friend pin few pins around your low back on both sides. Those pins will give the depth of your next stitching. Take the dress off and sew on 20 cm long, starting under the elastic tape like that :


You can also use remnants to make accessories :


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