Blog Swap

What about a blog swap ? 
but not any blog swap, an international swap !

I see a lot of very nice DIY projects on english/american blogs and also a lot of different supplies we can't always find here in France, so I got this idea of a blog swap where you could share your favorite or special supplies/craft item/home made objects with some french bloggers just like you. You will in exchange receive some very french surprises !

I told Monika from I love it all about this project and I was very pleased when she accepted to organize it with me ! Find her post with her parcel : here !

So to sum up...

Very simple :
- Make a parcel of 5 scrap items either purchased or home made (cards, tags, ribbons...)
- Pack it very nice
- Send it to a nice french swapper 
- Wait to receive a very french parcel 

To take part in this blog swap, just leave a comment here with your name and e-mail adress (obligatory but if you don't feel like it send me a private message at

Wait to receive a message from me with the name of a french blogger to contact with this message :

"Bonjour, je participe au Blog Swap de French Home Made / Ma Petite Valisette et voici mon adresse pour l'envoi du petit colis de France : [write your adress here - be very precise]. J'attends votre reponse avec votre adresse francaise pour vous envoyer mon colis !"

IMPORTANT : make sure that your parcel is rather light as the postage fee could become quickly expensive for France (so I would recommend flat and small items)

You are most than welcome to post a picture of your parcel before sending it overseas and link it to and do the same once you receive your french parcel ! 

My french followers are getting really excited about this swap so please share this post with your followers : the more the merrier !

Really looking forward to hear from you !