30 things to do while I am 30

It's official I'm 30 ! and to celebrate the occasion, I have decided to list 30 things I want to do for this year to come. So join in and follow along as I do accomplished them !

1.     Make a scrapbook for a friend who's leaving soon
2.     Make myself a mini photo studio to take proper pictures inside
3.     Make another scrapbook for my cousin's wedding
4.     Go and see my sister's new flat in Paris she has just bought and done up and spend a nigh there
5.     Take my kids to London to visit the Transport Museum and more !
6.     Take the TOEIC exam
7.     Reach 1000 likers on my french blog facebook page
8.     Attend my daughter's school concert
9.     Ride again
10.  Organize a blogswap
11.  Read the last two novels of Marc Levy
12.  Go to a disco – dance – aquagym night at the swimming pool next door
13.  Make at least one of all the ELLE magazine receipes I have been accumulating over the  years
14.  Make one receipe of each english cooking books I have bought in 2011 
15.  Make a den for my little girl's bedroom
16.  Finish off all my sewing works in progress
17.  Make a princess dress for my daughter myself 
18.  Take part of Have a lovely day event from Sunshine of mine blog 
19.  Make my very own first complete craft tutorial
20.  Burn all my 2008/2009/2010 pictures on to filed cds to liberate space on my mac
21.  Print new pictures to frame at home
22.  Wrap my X-mas presents with homemade papers and tags
23.  Be “screen free” for 48hours (no tv, no phone, no computer)
24.  Finish off my online shop to make it right 
25.  Get ride of all my old clothes/chooses I won't wear anymore
26.   Make sure my 2 year old son use the pot 
27.  Dye my hair again
28.  Use my digital picture frame
29.  Go and see Cars2 on screen
30.  Make my daughters like buttons (she hates them so badly !!!)

NB : I was inspired by Chelsea Costa from Lovely Indeed who has been keeping us update on what she has been doing since she turned 30 !